Global check was founded in 1994.
The objective was to provide a level of service suited to the small to medium sized business by controlling cost without sacrificing quality. These goals have been met. In doing so we've created a multi-service platform to fulfill the needs of the growing enterprise.

New developments in technology enabled Global Check to launch a patented process called ARC 90 in 2005. The purpose was to facilitate a short term payment plan for those who have the ability to pay but want to avoid high interest credit cards, personal loans, or leases. Responsible consumers should not endure excessive costs which results in less income for the store. With ARC 90 the current financial position of the customer is analyzed opening the door to increased sales for the store and satisfied customers able to purchase what they need.

At present we have a nation wide network of individuals to provide face to face consultation for most merchants. This enables us to provide the personal level of service desired.

Thousands of merchants coast to coast utilize us for their transaction processing so you know you are in good company. Our model is built around efficiency and accuracy.

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  Since 2005 ARC 90 has provided an alternative to traditional financing. A great tool for merchants to enable their customers to get what they want when they can afford it. GCS has made it simple for the merchant to use and in most cases creates larger sales and repeat business. Customers directly benefit by avoiding high interest credit cards, personal loans, and punitive leases.

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  We are seeking sales organizations who wish to earn a respectable income. If you currently or in the past have sold financial, check, or bank card services in the merchant services arena please call 800-988-6221 and ask for the ISO package.

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