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Download the ISO agreement to the left. Fill it in along with the below form. You will need to upload a copy of your driver license, SS card or Fed TAX ID letter, and a check copy for direct deposits along with the completed ISO Agreement. That can can be done once your account is activated. Call us at 800-988-6221 once completed. This can also be done to reactivate an old account if you had one.

"You" in the following means yourself, your company, and any other entity or individual you employ or is affiliated with you taking part in any dealings with GCS or its products and services. By selecting 'Agree' below you are stating you've read and agree to the terms of the ISO agreement and agree to become an agent of Global check (GCS). You are stating you are able to do so without it creating a conflict of any sort with any other entity and the following. You are unencumbered by any other agreement and can freely contract with GCS to sell the various products and services we offer and be bound by the terms of the ISO agreement. That your intention to contract with GCS is for the exclusive purpose of maintaining a long standing agency relationship with GCS as given in the ISO agreement. That while an agent of GCS you won't contract with any other entity that would be in conflict with your agreement with GCS.

 Office Name if DBA or your name if not.

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