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    Since 2005 ARC 90 has provided an alternative to traditional financing. A great tool for merchants to enable their customers to get what they want when they can afford it. GCS has made it simple for the merchant to use and in most cases creates larger sales and repeat business. Customers directly benefit by avoiding high interest credit cards, personal loans, and punitive leases.

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    Conversion is the process of converting checks at the point of sale to debits. This saves money and precious time. No more trips to the bank and no check return fees.

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    Guarantee. Ensure checks you receive are good. By using our system you can avoid taking most bogus checks. We monitor check writer activity and protect you against potential fraud.

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    Payroll Authorization. You can cash payroll checks with confidence.

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    Internet Check. Accept checks from your web site. A new exciting concept is now available. Internet access is all you need to utilize this service.

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