Customers can be approved BEFORE they arrive.
On line sales practically require this.

Need a checkout button? We got that too.

The use of the GCS approval process may not be used with any other lender or as a method for qualifying in house lending. It is strictly for use with Global Check ARC90 only.

Make it known

Your customers won't know they can finance their purchase unless you tell them. A banner like this is highly recommended. Your customers will know up front what they're approved for and the payment plan amounts. ARC90 provides low rates that draw in the better quality customers. The ones who spend more. Don't say it's no-credit-check. That attracts customers who'll be declined.

Customer Screen
How it works

Place this link on your web site or FaceBook page.

Your customer will click on the button and see the form pictured to the left. They'll answer a few simple questions and usually within a minute you'll know their limits up front. In most cases they won't need to send us any documents.

Start Sale

The customer's driver license is their account number for ARC90. Enter the customer's driver licence to start the sale process.

Check Out Shopping Cart API

Customer checkout doesn't get much easier than this. Add the link and we take care of the rest. There are three variables for the IT staff to work with. The MID which is the merchant number assigned by GCS which never changes. The other two are the order number and amount. The order number can be up to 20 characters in length and be either numbers or upper case letters. If there is no order number it should be set to zero. The amount is standard two decimal places.

Your check out screen with ARC90 link

Embedded link code.

Clicking link will bring this up for the customer to fill in.

The customer will be given this to preview and submit to bring up the final form to ok.

The ARC agreement will be e-signed by the customer. You'll receive notices concerning the status of the sale. Once we receive the invoice and confirm the sale with the customer you'll be notified and can ship what purchased.