Accept a check via the web

A new concept in check acceptance is available. If you sell over the net you have already run into the problem of a customer not having a credit card. What can you do? Wait for the check to come in the mail? Most consumers want to finalize the purchase quickly. By accepting checks you can accommodate customers who don't have a credit card. Its very simple to use. No equipment required, you don't even need a web site, just simple internet access. It can be added to your web site. You can have pre-defined payment amounts, automatic billing on a monthly basis. And of course a verification process is done on each transaction to help prevent losses.



There are two ways of processing a sale. You can enter the sales yourself or place a link on your site so your customers can fill in the check information.

If you have the customers do it, it's as simple as adding a link to a web page. Many of your potential customers do not have a credit card. By accepting checks you can capture many more sales. This can be used if you have single or multiple items for sale. The bank draft system is very easy to use and ours is fully automated and safe.



When a customer pays by check there is a form given that resembles a blank check. It works the same as if the person were in front of you filling out a check. When the transaction is done you receive an e-mail notice of the sale.

You have the option to set up a billing plan by setting the 'Recurring' flag on the e-check to the period you want the debits to be re-run. You can select weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The transaction will be re-run according to the schedule you've chosen without having to do anything else.


Single item for sale


This is ideal for memberships or if your selling a single item. All you need to do is copy the pay by check link to your web page. This example shows how to set it up and walks you through the transaction process. EXAMPLE

Bank Draft FAQ's

What is a bank draft

A bank draft is a check without a signature. Your customer is assumed to have authorized it via voice or some other form of written authorization. The bank draft is deposited to your account like a regular check. It goes through the same banking process as a regular check.

Who deposits it

We can send them directly to your bank provided you give us the complete bank mailing address. You can deposit them your self. Most merchants do it themselves to track the deposits better. When you sign up you can decide who will make the deposits. 

Is a special account required

A regular checking or savings account is fine. It should be a business account but it is not required. 

How long before it clears

They take about the same amount of time as a regular check. 

Where can I use it

It can be used with banks in the U.S. including Alaska & Hawaii and Canada

How long before I can use it

As soon as you signup. 

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